Crypto Bozos NFT Weekly Recap

This week has been a pivotal step for us towards community building. Our twitter and discord had a massive following and membership outbreak over the last week.

Earlier this week, we unveiled our full roadmap plan, as part of which Crypto Bozos pledged to donate a quarter of all revenues to cancer research charities, in order to support elevate cancer research and save the lives of young children who are impacted by this disease.

We also had two major collaborations with notable NFT projects this week !

BOZOS x KONGZ Collab Giveaway🚀

Winners received 1x SolanaKongz NFT and 10 WhiteList spots for CryptoBozos

BOZOS x SYREN Collab Giveaway🚀

Winners received 3 Whitelist spots for Secret Syren and 5 WhiteList spots for CryptoBozos

Moreover, Crypto Bozos held a huge contest earlier this week, in which two lucky draw winners each received $20 USD just for joining our Discord channel.

Curious what’s next for Crypto Bozos NFT ? Follow our discord and twitter accounts

Discord | Website | Twitter



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Crypto Bozos NFT

Crypto Bozos NFT

CryptoBozos is a collection of 7777 Pixel NFT Avatars on #Ethereum Network | Join the uprising on #Discord and #Twitter