Crypto Bozos Weekly Recap — Partnerships and More !

Crypto Bozos NFT
3 min readFeb 25, 2022

Your favorite NFT project with a purpose greater than NFTs is back with a new update for all our community members to appreciate and absorb. A good week in terms of our efforts to develop a strong community and promote our NFTs was celebrated this week. Our mission to raise awareness about cancer inspires us to go further than any other effort has ever gone before.

💎 Partnerships This Week 💎

CryptoBozos x Club Nirvana Collab 🚀

Club Nirvana is a collection of 5,000 monks meditating on the Solana Blockchain. The NFT will grant you access to exclusive members-only benefits.

CryptoBozos x Nakey Doddles Collab 🚀

Nakey Doodles is an NFT doodle project built on #Solana blockchain. The project has around 6,000 thousand active followers on twitter that made it feasible for us to partner with them.

CryptoBozos x Rich Jaguarz Collab 🚀

Rich Jaguarz is a collection of 9999 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Owning a Jaguar also gives you a chance to win a Jaguar car.


1️⃣ WINNER 🏆 50$ Amazon Gift Card and 🔟 WINNERS 🏆Whitelist spots


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Our Twitter profile now has over 4,826 followers, and our Discord channel currently has 748 active members and is still growing! All of this has been made possible because of our unwavering marketing and community development promotions and planning efforts throughout the weeks. We are deliberately planning every move we make as a team of AAA NFT marketers and community developers, so that we may build authenticity and inherent value in the eyes of our existing and potential investors.



Crypto Bozos NFT

CryptoBozos is a collection of 7777 Pixel NFT Avatars on #Ethereum Network | Join the uprising on #Discord and #Twitter