Crypto Bozos Weekly Recap — Partnerships, Milestones and More !

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3 min readMar 10, 2022

Your favorite NFT’s favorite NFT with a vision and utility is back with an update for all our community members to appreciate and absorb.

We started the Month of March with a big bang of relentless marketing, community building and partnerships everywhere in the NFT space. If you’re too busy to read the proceeding paragraphs; Since the 25th of February, we’ve worked with four NFT projects, gained 2.2k Discord users, published our Version 1 website, held a Major Giveaway, and most recently, gone live on YouTube.

Crypto Bozos Major Giveaway

We decided to go all out to celebrate reaching 1,000 members on Discord by giving away 10 Whitelist Spots and Airpods! How insane is that ? The giveaway concluded on the 5th of March, reaching more than 2,000 twitter followers with a significantly high engagement results.

Congratulations to all the winners 🚀!! Enjoy your WL spot and your luxurious Apple Airpods.

Partnerships This Week 💎

Crypto Bozos x Solana Robots

SolRobo are 1222 uniquely generated NFTs based in Solana Blockchain. The collaboration gave away 10 WL Spots for winners of both NFT projects. This collaboration helped us penetrate the community of SolRobo with more than 44.8k followers on Twitter.

CryptoBozos x Rich Donkeys Club

Are Donkeys the big Animal-themed NFT this time around? We don’t know but I’m confident we all can agree that Shrek was a great movie, Am I right ? In any case, we awarded 3 WL Spots to the winners of both projects. We initiated this move in order to assist new NFTs in taking their first tentative steps into the NFT game. In behalf of the CB Family we wish Rich Donkeys Club the best of luck.

A warm message from the Project Owner and Her Daughter/ NFT Creator

Crypto Bozos Website Launch x YouTube Launch

As of March 7th, we’ve created our first Crypto Bozos NFT website, which features a stunning new user interface and user experience (UI/UX).Our NFTs are being built and developed as part of our long-term goal, therefore all of this is simply a first step towards that.

Remarks from your CB NFT Fam :

These are all pivotal and essential towards reaching our long term vision. We have more in the works, and we want nothing more than to ensure that your investment in our NFT project is a worthwhile one, and that you are properly taken care of in the community. Our project owner, as well as our team of marketers and community curators, are all working together around the clock to make our Crypto Bozos NFT one of the biggest this space has ever seen.

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Crypto Bozos NFT

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