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Crypto Bozos NFT
2 min readMar 28, 2022


We are CryptoBozos, driven to save a cancer patient’s life, one NFT at a time! To be transparent with you all, we initially planned to have 10,000 CryptoBozos NFT supply, but upon going over, we decided to adjust our plans in order to fulfill our targets more realistically.

The team has decided to have two collections: the first collection will have a total supply of 777 CryptoBozos NFT priced for 0.05 ETH (launch date: TBA). The details for the 2nd collection will be announced after dropping the first collection!

We will be releasing giveaways for each stages of sell out of the total supply of 777 CryptoBozos’ first NFT Collection! These sell outs consist of four stages!

  • First Stage (25% sold) — we will be giving away 7 FREE CRYPTOBOZOS NFTs to 7 winners
  • 2nd Stage (50% sold) — we will be releasing a CryptoBozos merch, proceeds will still go to Cancer Foundations
  • 3rd Stage (75% sold)- 7 iPhone 13, 7 iPad 9th Gen, & 7 AirPods Pro
  • 4th Stage (100% sold) — $10k Giveaway

The remaining funds from the total of 25% Treasury will be utilized to move forward with the community after the drop. It will be used for community giveaways to maintain community engagement and preparation for 2nd collection drop.

We are delighted to see everyone’s support for this cause and we are truly grateful for each and everyone of you! We will make sure to reach as many hearts as we can through this project!

Yours Truly,

Crypto Bozos NFT Family



Crypto Bozos NFT

CryptoBozos is a collection of 7777 Pixel NFT Avatars on #Ethereum Network | Join the uprising on #Discord and #Twitter