How To Enter Crypto Bozos NFT’s Whitelist ? WL 101

Crypto Bozos NFT
3 min readMar 30, 2022

Whitelisting will open you to tons of perks like accessing the Pre-Sale - where you can mint a Bozos NFT ahead of everyone else -, join exclusive meetings within the team, access early merch releases and have an impact in the Crypto Bozos NFT governance.

In this article we will discuss different key concepts and most frequently asked questions during an NFT Whitelisting process.

What is an NFT Whitelist?

  • NFT whitelisting are methods to provide a level of quality assurance for NFTs and their creators. It allows users’ to know that the NFT and its owners are reputable, have good standing, and are committed to the evolving NFT ecosystem.

What is NFT Whitelisting used for?

In order to prohibit a single user from issuing NFTs, whitelisting is employed. Adding the address to your whitelist will let the user to manufacture and trade your NFTs. You can prevent a user from producing and trading NFTs by blacklisting their IP address.

Besides this, NFT Whitelisting is also used to

  • prevent spam from the non-whitelisted addresses
  • prevent mass accounts registration from the non-whitelisted addresses; and
  • prevent non-whitelisted email addresses from receiving emails with notifications about new posts on the forums

Why do you need to get Whitelisted?

In other words, what exactly are the advantages of being on the whitelist?

1. You get guaranteed access to mint

  • All the NFTs in the project can get sold out before you get a chance to buy.
    Good projects get a lot of attention from people who want to buy them as soon as they come out in the NFT space. There is a good chance that someone else will get an NFT before you do. Whitelisting eliminates that chance of you not getting in.

2. You can get an NFT for an ‘early bird’ price

  • This is especially great for people who are new to the space and want to give it a go, but don’t want to risk their hard-earned money. This is also beneficial for NFT pros. A low buy means a higher profit margin when flipping. Who doesn’t want that.

3. You avoid gas wars

  • When you are added to the whitelist, you can choose a specific time you’d like to mint your NFT within the window provided. This allows the transactions to be spaced out, which means less competition, less traffic on the network, and low gas fees.

Joining the Crypto Bozos NFT WL is easy as 1,2,3. Just follow the exact instructions below and you should be good to go.

1. Invite 10 friends to join the CryptoBozosNFT Discord Server
•Make sure to use your own invite link for the invites to be counted. To track your number of invites, type in “-invite” in the 🤖┃bot-commands

2. Reach Level 7 in rank
•You can increase your rank by engaging and interacting with the Bozos fam. To know you rank, type in “!rank” in the 🤖┃bot-commands

3. Creative work
•Post a Bozos creative work of yours on Twitter or Instagram and tag us!

How to claim my WL spot?

  • Create a ticket at 📞┃support-ticket and send screenshots for proof that you did it! A moderator will assist and then be updating your role

About us:

CryptoBozos is a collection of 7777 Pixel NFT Avatars on Ethereum Network. Crypto Bozos is a visionary, utility-driven NFT project that aims to impact lives by providing philanthropic efforts and awareness to cancer disease.

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