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4 min readMar 7, 2022


KPMG Canada Acquires World of Women NFT and ENS Domain Name

Weeks after adding Bitcoin and Ethereum to its balance sheet, the Canadian outpost of KPMG has purchased an NFT from the World of Women (WoW) collection. The global accounting firm spent 25 ETH (about $72,000) on WoW #2681, a female NFT avatar with wavy hair and blue skin.

Apart from the WoW NFT, KPMG Canada also purchased an Ethereum Name Service domain name — kpmgca-eth. Taking a look at the wallet on Nansen’s wallet profiler reveals that Gemini was the CEX used to deposit ETH and the wallet currently still holds ~30.3 WETH and ~2.9 ETH. Will we see more NFT purchases from KPMG in the near future? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

A $70 Million ‘Horrible’ Mistake: Pixelmon NFT Turns Out To Be a Huge Flop

Weeks after spending around $10,000 on NFTs, many investors have been taught a bitter lesson that it takes more than hype to build a successful crypto project.

Pixelmon, an open-world RPG NFT game, appears to be starting on the wrong foot after the art reveal for its $70 million mint became the laughing stock of Crypto Twitter.

Prior to its mint last month, the Pixelmon team told potential buyers that they would receive “the largest and highest quality game the NFT space has ever seen.” The project had planned to build out a play-to-earn metaverse platform that offers special perks to holders of its “Generation 1” Pixelmon.

7,750 NFTs were sold via a Dutch auction, with mint prices starting at 3 ETH. Being a Dutch auction, prices dropped by 0.1 ETH every 10 minutes, meaning that some mints were less than 3 ETH. Nonetheless, collectors paid a high price for these NFTs.

The supposed “high quality” NFTs were revealed over the weekend and the art was nothing short of appalling, with many participants in the NFT community voicing their disappointment with the artwork. One Twitter user (@DiscoverXnf) said:

Pixelmon had an art reveal so terrible, ‘Kevin’ is being labeled a historical NFT — ThreadGuy.eth

(@DiscoverXnft) February 28, 2022

Surprisingly, despite the obvious flop, the NFT is managing to retain some value on the secondary market. As of press time, the floor price of the Pixelmon NFTs on OpenSea was 0.4 ETH or $1,160. Even more intriguing is the total volume traded of around 12,600 ETH. However, holders are losing confidence with many of them selling their NFTs after the disappointing reveal.


Marvel Producer Arad Wants to Turn Huxley NFT Comics Into a Film

We’ve seen movies and music being converted to NFTs. It’s probably time for the relationship to move the other way — NFTs being converted to movies.

Arad Productions has announced its plans to turn an NFT comic book series into a feature film. Ben Mauro’s Ethereum NFT comic book project Huxley is set to become a feature film, thanks to the Marvel film producer Ari Arad.

Arad Productions will be collaborating with Web3-focused production studio Feature to work on the film. It has also enlisted Academy Award-nominated VFX supervisor Jerome Chen to bring the ideas to life.

For now, there is no target date for the release of the Huxley film. However, there are plans to release Huxley-themed metaverse experiences later this year, leading to the launch of the movie.

Released in October as 10,000 NFTs, Huxley is a science-fiction tale spread across six issues. The second issue has been released, with four more to go.

Data on OpenSea shows that the two issues have so far generated over 1,920 ETH or about $4.9 million at current market prices. Interestingly, data on Nansen’s NFT dashboards reveal that the top holders have been doubling down and increasing their holdings over time.

Nansen’s NFT God Mode Top Balances Dashboard


Almost 50% of the NFTs are held by 42% of addresses and they’ve held it for more than 90 days. The number of unique addresses having at least 1 Huxley Comic NFT has been increasing over time as well, indicating that there is increasing interest in the collection.


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