What has the Crypto Bozos team been up to?

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2 min readMar 28, 2022

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Our team has been quite a force in driving Crypto Bozos NFT marketing and community development within the past couple of weeks. TraderAli — our founder — and the rest of the team has been working tirelessly to bring value to our ecosystem and drive towards CB NFT adoption. In retrospect, we look back at another week in our ecosystem of NFTs and community.

Exclusive Perks for WL Members

Since the pre-sale date is coming very soon, all the Bozos who have earned their Whitelist Roles will gain perks exclusive for WL members only! Whitelisted members have the advantage above those who aren’t part of the Bozos Hub. Some of the privileges that you have are:

  • Community Meetings w/ Admins
  • Suggestions for Community Activities
  • Exclusive Games Bot
  • Leaderboards Exclusive for WL
  • First to know about Line of Merchandise and etc.


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Exclusive Major Giveaways

Just last week, we announced one of our biggest giveaways to date . 7 IPhone 13 is up for the taking for our 7 lucky CryptoBozos NFT holders. You’re not only going to win awesome prizes, but you’ll also be donating to save the lives of cancer patients.

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Extensive NFT Partnerships

Our team has been relentless on pushing partnerships to grow our ecosystem of partners, and expand our community across every NFT community that we get to interact with. Here’s a comprehensive list of the NFT projects that we had the pleasure of partnering with.

Find out more about the complete list on our twitter page at Crypto Bozos NFT.



Crypto Bozos NFT

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